Advertising Platform

User Research: Working Characteristics of Optimizers

In advertising, there are many concepts and their relation is complex too.

Main Structure of Various Concepts

We do a competitive research on advertising manager tools and get lots of inspirations from that.

Competitive Research: nanigans VS

For optimizers who do massive advertising during workdays, their work is to find a better placement through a series of operations, and adjust accordingly to fit their tactics.

User Journey Mapping

We try to find better solutions no matter big or small to reduce user's cognitive and operation cost.

Better Solution: No Matter Big or Small

For a long list of different features, we add icons in front to reduce the cognitive load. Now it's easier to find a feature quickly.

We let user name those subjects and open search when a subject (like Audience shown below) contains too much information, and now you can find such a subject more quickly.

Whole info vs Custom name: Easier to choose

When a feature is more important, we make it easier to trigger. Since user usually get used to select items based on their customized name and key information, we optimize checkboxes with hover info, now it's much easier to check the items. (Below the red outline is the trigger of checkboxes and the blue one is the hover info)

For wildcards (which can define default name rules) sort logically or alphabetically, we choose alphabetically because to add them easily and quickly, looking for a father then a son costs more time than just find them according to their first letter.

We gradually build this advertising platform to let optimizers do advertising on Facebook. This helps a lot for their work in massive advertising.

Selected Screens

Key Metrics

  • Even a slight UX improvement

    can free optimizers from their daily massive advertising.